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Diane says goodbye to the boys

November 22nd, 2016 
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We always knew we were going to do good things but

after this weekend we know the Charity will be amazing


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SC17 said....  

I love the banter with Diane and Don that's why I joined this site, being from Ireland it's all about the craic 😂 But this brings it home, the work u guys do. Marvellous shit!

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dons a badass said....  

don, you and diane have inspired me to enlist and serve my country hopefully this coming are both amazing people..and words cant describe the impact you all have in your commu..if people would live humble lives and aint about your own fuckin problems..but to think of how good you have it..and this country will be alot better of a place..but i just joined the site..i love it..keep doin what your doing its great..your neighbor down here in the wild and wonderful west virginia..thanks, LL

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quick_8 replied....

Congrats and thank you!!

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MVPappas said....  

We can do all things through God. Those young men need to reach out to Jesus, He will guide them through this life unto the next. God Bless you guys for all that you do

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Fee said....  

I couldn't agree with you more Diane. You and Senior are doing angels work there. Much love as always from Oz

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ROFFO said....  

I only hope that Dan. And Dallas see this some how and pull their heads in .

Good on you Diane.

We all love you and what you do.

God bless from Oz.

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