Ted said....  

I have family in fort myers fla and they still don't have power and still flooded but all and all they got lucky everyone is ok thank god

TECHNICIAN said....  

Just got power , internet, phone and cable back. That hurricane Irma set down here as a Cat 4 and sent us back to the dark ages. The prepper in me invested in a whole house solar set-up 2 years ago with solar hot water heater and attic fan and a whole house standby generator with a large 500 gallon buried propane tank. It ran the whole house in line with the solar set-up like a charm until we got everything back. Kudos to FPL and Comcast. Our President Trump and beautiful First Lady were in town in Naples today. Thank God for a President and First Lady that really care about us! I hope everyone else here in Florida faired well. What a mess!

Jay said....  

Please put on a phonetic navy seal of the week. You guys are great but when you say it's getting put up and doesn't it feels like a fish chasing a lure. You two are interesting people but a change for one video would be great. Thank you for your effort

teresa said....  

The Man Who Predicted 9.11
The Man Who Predicted 9.11

Steph said....  

Given the hurricanes and the solemn memories this day brings, I for one could use a little comic relief. This has likely been on here before, but it's one of my favorites. I love that a pro like Dick Van Dyke losses it!

Watch on Youtube
Watch on Youtube