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Diane is losing a dear old friend

February 13th, 2017 
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Diane is losing a dear family friend but her Mother keeps her in stiches


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Hogan said....  

Well, thank you and Don for sharing your lives the way you do, wonderful storys.

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Lotta Biltmore said....  

Well Diane I love to hear your stories about growing up. I have heard you tell bits here and there about your daddy being sick and Sherriff Tom and his Tennessee Walker. Today you wove those memories together so beautifully. I felt like I could see you as a little girl in the wagon train and at the beach cutting up with carefree hippie boys. Maybe you can take these videos anf get a book together. You and Don are such good story tellers. That's really what I love about coming here. I know it's a week later and maybe Thomas Jefferson Odell is already reunited with your daddy , but I'll say a prayer that he gets to heaven when he is called. Love you

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JoeyMcJoeJoe said....  

Your maze story reminds me of that part in Meet The Parents, when Ben Stiller is trying to board the plane from an empty terminal, but the attendant wont let him on because she hadn't yet called his section.

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badtruck69 said....  
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thedonald2011 said....  

Great stuff Diane!

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