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Bridge from HELL - Diane explains her love of High Bridges.

February 25th, 2017 
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Diane explains her love of High Bridges. Many thanks for the Support.


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Hogan said....  

I feel so bad...for laughing so damn hard at this video. The edit with clips was perfect, definitely a favorite!

Angry Steve  avatar
Angry Steve said....  

Dons face at about 6:05 is hilarious .

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Joe said....  
Steve 1 st. Sig Bg. avatar
Steve 1 st. Sig Bg. said....  

Drove across the 8.03 km Mackinac bridge in the U.P. in our RV, towing our car. The bridge people had just open the bridge for RV and Truck traffic. It was raining and a still tad windy. My wife spent the ride with a death grip on my arm and I had a death grip on the wheel. My problem was the bridge has on open grate road bed. Never could made it as a paratrooper.

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Pep said....  

I think it was in early 72' and I was aboard the USS W.S. Sims (DE1059) out of Mayport, FL and we sailed under that bridge on our way to the slips to demagnetized the ship, shortly after she was commissioned. I remember it was so damn cold that day that the Corpsman brought us little bottles of whiskey (the airline kind of bottles) to drink while mustered on the forecastle. I never drove over it, though.

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