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conspiracy theorists and nonstop rain

November 24th, 2018 
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conspiracy theorists driving Senior nuts


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Dick Fitswell said....  

Don, youtube Wolfgang Halbig Sandy Hook. You will change your mind after watching the below He asks some serious questions. 1) Why was not 1 single life flight called. 2) Why was the school demolished immediatly after. 3) Why was the school already marked for demo? 4) why was there MOLD all thruought the school. 5) Why was the one father laughing right before his press conference. 6) Why would they not release the kids names that went to the Superbowl? 7) Why was the one father/mother caught on Airforce One before the "shooting". 8) Why did all these school officials have special badges hanging. 9) Why was everyone walking in a circle. In to the gym then out the door then around a bus then back into the gym. 10) Why cant FOIA requests be answered. 11) How come no teacher interviewed knew who Mrs Lanza was. 12) Why would a church mom have a Ar-15 in a house with a Autistic kid? 13) watch the interview with chris cuomo and the kid. Sandy Hook was a drill. Wolfgang Talbig (something spelled like this.)

Watch on Youtube
Watch on Youtube

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danzljamz said....  

Man am I glad Don addressed this, was curious when I saw the trump flag (no I did not vote for Hillary... don't get me started on that woman or her family). Regarding the concealed carry, not certain that a church, synagogue, or mosque would be an appropriate place for such a thing. True, that is what that coward in Charleston assumed (and he was right) when he shot up that congregation. These places are to be welcoming and accepting places. This is not the thought that comes to my mind when considering the possibility that the person sitting next to me in the pews is carrying a glock. The one comfort that I get out of the Charleston incident was the fact that the congregation went out to comfort and pray with this man prior. These saints won there award in heaven, I am certain. avatar
17:36:14 said....  

It is hard to believe that anyone actually believes Alex Jones, considering his history. Or any of the crackpot theorists. I expect it from a junior high kids, not adults. What is scary is that they walk among us, serve on juries, and vote in elections.

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JimmyTwoTimes avatar 11/28/2018

JimmyTwoTimes replied....

don’t forget the crackpot liberal talking heads. they’re just as bad.

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Eileen said....  

try the big green egg it's a great smoker

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Go Navy 086 said....  

Brian Williams

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