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SNEAK PEEK...Bring in the Big Dog... Bring in Master Chief Davis.

September 12th, 2015 
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Bring in the Big Dog... Bring in Master Chief Davis.

Master Chief Davis was the Command Master Chief of Underwater Demolition Team 11. UDT 11 was the LAST UDT Team in SPECWAR History and turned into SEAL Team FIVE in 1983.

Google ’SEAL Team Five Patch’ and see Master Chief Davis’s design for the patch. He designed it...


The setting sun in the background with an 11 in it signifies the end of a UDT era.


UDT 11 becomes SEAL Team Five and UDT is no more.


I’ll bet that phony Bill Brockbrader doesn’t know that... Our phony in Frederick didn’t know that... 


aguila0829 avatar
aguila0829 said....  

I would loved to see the end of this one. Please post the end of it.

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Wasp avatar
Wasp said....  

Another bites the dust.

FrancosItalianArmy avatar
FrancosItalianArmy said....
I cannot find a date for this, but bozo is in this news report

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Cinephile83 avatar
Cinephile83 said....  

im a civillian and even i know not to call him "sir"

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Novan avatar 11/01/2016

Novan replied....

Hijacking top comment to post a link to the video this is a sneak peak for. Hope you don't mind.

The title:
Part 1 Frederick Hunt. Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, the Frederick Maryland Hunt for Three Phony Navy SEALs.

PS: I love these videos and am quite fond of Don and Diane but this site is very poorly designed.

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Collins77, Cinephile83, onlylove93, ABH-3 Barash
VickySFL  avatar
VickySFL said....  

Obviously nervous. Liar. idiot

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