Hogan said....  

Guess that guy as honing his bullshit with little kids, what an asshole.

Cranky Old Veteran, JD said....  

As you (Diane) was the victim of a violent assault by Krier acting in concert with Bernath and doing his unlawful bidding, and the assault was part of a conspiracy between Bernath and Crier did, to intimidate you as a witness against Bernath, and not for any legitimate reason. Technical he is interfering with and obstructing justice by acting on Bernath behalf to intimidate you. If he if foolish enough to try to contact you in any way, Bernath likely writes the letter and he is going to try to hurt you.

The key with a person like him (Baby Huey, the Retarded OS) is to collect hard documents that proves all his claims is bullshit, prepare a Phoney Navy SEAL (round two) on him, and just publish every document that proves he is full of shit, and then prepare a well done BOLO and get in into the wires, fax machines and so on of every law enforcement entity within 50 mils of where he lives, and more importantly get the phoney SEAL dossier on him into the hands of anybody do is his political opponent, or who have been his political opponent or even running mate, and ensure every neighbor he has gets a copy by mail, and of course write up a properly formatted press release about him, and get it published on PRNewswire (for free) with links to the documents.

With somone like him, his ego is so out of control that by publishing the truth it utterly destroys him, and he will be really big with threats (because he is a bully), but if he does file any suit then file a motion for sanctions on him, file a motion to dismiss, and a motion to enlarge time to 90 days for the answer as a number of materials that must be reviewed will be large and burn Bernath (as his attorney), MORE criminal charges on Bernath for practicing law in Maryland without a law license, go ahead and file a bar complaint against Bernath for the un-licensed practice of law in MD, FL, and MD, and just stitch Dany-boi.

Diane, just as you did with Bernath, you need to file for a restraining order against Krier that he is not to approach you because he as previously assaulted you and made you fearful of deadly harm, and he did this to intimidate you, as you were a witness to a criminal matter, and a state's witness against a criminal who was found guilty and Joseph continues to try to intimidate you on that criminal (Bernath) behalf, who is also unlawfully practicing law. Go to the judge, tell them about Bernath, and bring copies of the Bernath 2 year conviction, and tell the judge how you were attached on the steps of the court house to try to scare you into not testifying, and Baby Huey needs to have a TRO issued against him right now, and then bring in courthouse employees (bailiffs, etc) to comment on the incident to obtain a permanent RO against him. Also, because of your the victim, and the state's witness, the state as un-NP JK at any time... ANY TIME...

Also, when you go to court ensure that Don is close at all times, so that if Huey tries to assault you again that Huey can get to spend quality time with an orthopedist, and a plastic surgeon as a result. There are also a lot of your supported who may look show, cripled or infirm, but who can whirl up a tornado or havoc on anybody who dares to try to make you scared like Baby Huey did.

Baby Huey is afraid, that hsi secrets will get out, the secrets he is deeply ashamed of.


Bob "Doc " Dowling said....  

OMG he is the cutest thing, Got to love yellows.




Cigar said....  

Is this Joe ?