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Ballahack Airsoft Invades Cambridge Maryland...

August 11th, 2018 
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Ballahack Airsoft Invades Cambridge Maryland... Many Thanks For The Support...


25th INF Doc avatar
25th INF Doc said....  

We leave at 3 am to drive up to SC to see our son graduate basic trainig... Thanks for all your support ....

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Mr. T said....  

Anyone know what this is, found it at an estate sale today, with a few ww2 ribbons and medals. This says 1917 on it and I don't know what it is?

NHdad avatar 08/13/2018

NHdad replied....

yes, sir. E-8, MSG, thank you for your service.  Editing now.  Confused.  you found this at an Estate sale? 

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Mr. T, hball13
Mr. T avatar 08/13/2018

Mr. T replied....

Yes it was at an estate sale in a giant bucket full of coins and knives and junk. Within the junk I found a ww2 victory medal a middle East campaign ribbon and a victory ribbon. And finally this was the last piece... I am going to try and contact the family so they can get their medals back, seeing that they should have this and not me. However, i didnt know exactly what it was, so thank you for placing it.

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25th INF Doc avatar
25th INF Doc said....  

Question, y'all .... I have a ole Army buddy of mine who may need some time At the Shipley's place.... He is a combat vet and is feeling pretty down... nowa days... I think spending time there would help him.... but I do t know what to tell him to do or how to get him over to get some R&R with D&D....any ideas would help.... Can guys with PTSD use the charity....

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US INFANTRY-Hound Dog- avatar 08/12/2018

US INFANTRY-Hound Dog- replied....

where does he live Doc

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Capgun avatar 08/13/2018

Capgun replied....

Hi Doc, wish I had some extra money, I'd start a fund for a visit if Don and Diane approved of course. But right now I don't have a single extra penny at the moment. If something changes, and some of my art sells, or some vintage home audio sells, I'll throw what I can in. I'm hoping sales pick up soon...

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25th INF Doc, Zitsky
25th INF Doc avatar 08/13/2018

25th INF Doc replied....

Yeah...he is a pretty hard nut to crack... I just got done talking to him....he just wont take any help.... you know cause he's a tough guy....I know better i was his Doc while we were in Egypt for 6 months

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Lyle N avatar
Lyle N said....  

Hope everones sunday is awesome! Hot as hell in california!

Chuck golf :2/26th mar avatar 08/12/2018

Chuck golf :2/26th mar replied....

93*. 1. Hr. Ago. Dropped. Down. To 89*. Currently. Damn. Cool. Wave.

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EFD620 avatar
EFD620 said....  

This will be easier to fish in

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