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Asking for help from our subscribers

January 08th, 2017 
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We’re asking our subscribers to nominate two wounded warriors that you know
to join us for an all expense paid hunt at Warriors Rest. We will be covering the
cost of airfare, food, ammo, hunting license and all other expenses associated
with the 3 day trip. You can send the info to
Please include as much info about the Veteran as you can. Thank you  
Don and Diane Shipley


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quick_8 said....  

Them are two happy dogs!!

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John R said.... and Diane - I don't know this young man, but he was attacked by a mob of punks after the Mummer's Parade up here in the city of brotherly love. Apparently they had an issue with the fact that he was a member of the U.S. Army, serving our country and protecting our freedoms. The attack on this solider should outrage any normal American. Anyway, I thought I'd bring this to your attention. Great work!

Zitsky avatar
Zitsky said....  

Cross country skis would be fun.

2minutes2midnight avatar
2minutes2midnight said....  

My little Brother Ch-47 retired instructor/pilot. Having a heart ablation next week. Dude needs a reset. Kid knows how to hunt. Grew up with him in Washington state as kids, taught him everything he knows. Retired vet with 2 tours in the mideast...he's my rock star.

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Donbo avatar
Donbo said....  

What is all that white stuff falling from the sky?

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