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Another SEAL in te house and pol dog hair

July 06th, 2018 
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Peacocks are having sex and the pools covered in dog hair

We welcome another SEAL and good friend to Warriors Rest


Cohiba avatar
Cohiba said....  

Greetings From Arizona ...... its called a Haboob, Diane.

Smitty avatar
Smitty said....  

Diane, San Diego area is have some very bad wild fires. Houses lost in Alpine!

Nikki avatar
Nikki said....  

Happy belated birthday don. Diane u have to download the living labels app on your iPhone and the bottles will come to life. Lol it is pretty neat

bobbyd AMS1 avatar
bobbyd AMS1 said....  

Nice calm video, Diane you are so sweet, the weather anomaly for this time of year in Arizona anyway is called a monsoon or more recently called a haboo. When the temperature ie dry hot air in Arizona increases it has the affect of sucking the moisture up from Mexico and the sea of cortez causing strong winds first stirring up the dry deserts creating a thick cloud. Soon followed if were lucky by strong rain fall. This can account for half the total rain fall we get each year all 7 to 11 inches of it.

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Gasserglass avatar
Gasserglass said....  

Way To Go Sam....... Sam The Man"

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