Lyle N said....  

I'm trying to play catch up and figure this all out. I just became a member a couple weeks ago. How does it all end?

OregonMike said....  

Hang in there, keep us posted! Your fighting the good fight.

Joe said....  

Last night my wife stopped her chick flick so I could watch Gold Rush. I told her no need because I was taping it.
She insisted, then I insisted, the she did....Then It dawned on me and I said/asked..."You dig Gold Rush don't you?"
She said..."It's okay but why can't they put better looking men on the show?"
I told her that this is a working shop with working men and not a dating service with silky boys handing out flowers.
She loves her Bachelor and Batchelorett shows too Diane.

preschool teacher said....  

Chin up, to you both . Our justice system is a marathon, not a sprint. In some ways, it's sad that it has to be so. In other ways, it's what assures the greatest justice by eliminating any possible point of appeal. Daniel Bernath is a school yard bully who got away with his childish games far too long. What he did to your family is beyond reason. I think you were wise to take the harder, longer road because doing what he wants will allow him to continue his farce and brag about the fact that you settled. I was going to unsub because it's a tough month for my children and I - my breast cancer is back and I've been put on disability - but I honestly think you guys need the support more than we do. We have your back.


bluecardAW2_SS1/2 said....  

I love your vids...but.. you two have done so much...what was it Winston said...never has so much been owed, by so many, to so few... Ill subscribe till I cannot afford it, vids or not. And I dont wanna hear either of you sayin yur sorry for not havin done enuf.. and now I shaddup.. :)