Mkelly13 said....  

I never doubt that yall are bustin it every day. God bless your efforts! Really enjoying your updates - wish I had more time to spend on this site. Cheers, Mark

NavArmCG said....  

to my fellow vets, especially those in cali.. I know some of you have mentioned below about the fake news, liberals whining about shitholes ..I have been to many "shit-hole" countries.....and lived to tell about it..
and yes they are shithole countries...because everyone shits and pisses in the street.....oh wait, don't the bums in San Francisco do that too?....SF is turning into a shithole country? is the peoples republic of California considered a shithole country? ...get out while you still can..liberalism is a mental disorder


TurdChaser said....  

Great points Don. Christians do tend border on being gullible when applying our convictions of mercy and forgiveness. We would do well to heed Jesus' own words "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves, be ye therefore wise as serpents, and as harmless as doves." There is no need to defer discernment and prudent action based on requirements to be harmless. These people need to be exposed as the phonies they are. Thanks for taking up her cause.


ratthing said....  

Loved the kitty action shot! Hope your knee feels better soon, Diane.

TheOsprey said....  

Get a rowing machine. Strengthening your leg muscles is the best thing you can do for your knee or any other joint problems. I recommend the Century 2 rower. For a brace Bauerfiend are the best I've found but once I got to rowing I haven't needed it. I have a partially torn ACL and just strengthening my legs as led to basically no pain. It will never be completely stable because of the ACL tear but it is so much better now that the muscle holding it together is so much better. Go to a Chiropractor for the knee. MD's are a joke and just want you to wear it out so they can replace it. A Chiropractor will give you specific exercises for specific muscles that will greatly improve everything. I think that using the rower about three times a week as done more for me than anything else.