You are here - A Tough Son visits his Father one last time who was even Tougher.

A Tough Son visits his Father one last time who was even Tougher.

February 14th, 2018 
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A Tough Son visits his Father one last time who was even Tougher. Many thanks for the Support...


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AlexQuaesar said....  

My brother was in the marines as a lance corporal he was doing something with communications. He went to Iraq straight out of training in 2003. Three months later he was kia shot through the left or right lower eye. It's a strange thing to feel when you and your mom learn that your brother's been killed at 2 a.m in the morning I was nine when i saw my brothers corpse. I never cried I never shed a tear. To this day I don't know why what i do know is the only thing I could think is they could have done a better job of patching his eye up. The last thing he ever told me was "Don't join the marine corp"

Bob "Doc " Dowling said....  

So Sorry for your lose. May the Good Lord shine down upon You and your Family.

Broostermedic avatar
Broostermedic said....  

Don thank you for sharing this story with us. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours through this tough time.

Nick avatar
Nick said....  

Sorry for your loss and your families

TERRY avatar
TERRY said....  

God Bless Don and Diane so sorry for your loss your father will forever be in our prayers.

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