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A reunion at Warriors Rest

November 12th, 2017 
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Don and Diane host a Veterans Party at Extreme SEAL


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Primo said....  

Pretty little girls say the darndest things, LMAO!!

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Machinist said....  

After all the good stories and photos of the great time had over the weekend the next best thing is the smiles on your faces in the photo. Glad everyone had a great time.

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Teufel Hunden said....  

It's always great to see Ryan and the girls, he truly is a bad ass and one hell of an instructor (and Dad), now I have the honor of calling him Senior as well, a more than deserved promotion! You guys were always the go to house or Cabin rather, for the team guys and their families where they could all hang out and decompress, thank you so much for sharing with the extended family!

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DanO said....  

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