You said it Diane. Donald, Melania, and the Trump kids are great people. The liberals are playing anchor to everything President Trump wants to get done; but he has what it takes to raise the anchor! What a piss poor bunch who make up the left hand side of our Congress. Some of the Republicans are no better!
I am a 100% disabled Vietnam vet myself. There are a lot of us who have an extremely hard time getting up from low chairs & toilets. Handicap toilets are a must in my house and at any hotel I stay at. The shower hose adapter you got is another good thing to have. Bless you and Don for what you do for all active and former military personnel!
AMERICAL DIVISION 3RD BN 18TH ARTILLERY - VIETNAM 68-69 ** (We were treated better by most of the South Vietnamese than by our own people in those days...)


preschool teacher said....  

I love Dian and I'm glad we live in a country where it's okay for people to hold different opinions. I agree about Melania's outfit. It was very Jackie. That's about the extent of my agreement. But, I still support you and what y'all do.

RobG said....  

Sniffing paint.... Haha good gawd. You guys are great, thanks for doing all you do


Crabass said....  

What a GREAT video. Diane, You are the best. Don-I hope you know (I know you do) what a Jewel you have. A woman that Loves you and says it like it is. I am so sick of Politically correct people that I'm ready to puke. Good for you Diane. We finally have a President that doesn't give a shit about the politicians in D.C. He has disdain for all of them. I love watching you expose all those Phony's but Diane is such a "Breath of Fresh Air" that without her, "You ain't got Shit". Love you Both. God Bless!


ESUN12 said....  

Don and Diane, you two are the coolest! I can listen to your stories and philosophies and outlooks all day long. Thank you