Aimenviro said....  

Fantastic story.

CVN65 FC Vet said....  

As much as I can appreciate the magnitude of Jessica's Somalian situation...
my blood curdles, my head tilts to one side, as I try to listen to this woman speak. Her voice is SO God-damned WHISTLIE! Yes... "Whistlie"
Every time she says any word that includes the letter "S"... I wanna skip to another video. The sound pierces my ear drums. And it's off-the-chain ANNOYING. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Of course... this would be a "me" problem. While most people do have their quirks, you can tell that I don't get out very much. But now that I've brought this to your attention... this would also be a post that cannot be un-read. Sooner or later, one of you will run into this type of voice, and say to yourself... "God damn... yeah, he was right... that IS annoying!"

There are greater tragedies in life. God bless that woman, and the SEALs that lent a hand. But geez... those pesky first-world problems.
Ah well... what can ya do?
Buh bye.

Aimenviro said....  

Don: Do you think you might risk getting a little too attached to these ducks before hunting season?

Jaybird said....  

Very cool way to put this video together. Both segments had me wanting more. I especially like "portable pump truck precariously perched"...tongue twister and poetic sounding in one lol. Am embarrassed to say I was not aware of this rescue before, and it's a point of pride as an American knowing Navy SEAL's can accomplish things that are otherwise impossible. I am always intrigued by their apparent lack of fear and their ability to do what they do. It's hard to imagine anything much worse than being held captive by Somali militants, but picturing those SEAL's leveling the playing field is awesome!! Love the big flock of ducks and all you're doing to take care of them. I do think Warrior is going to be the best duck dog around!

Littlefoot said....