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A great Sunday

July 30th, 2017 
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Cooking steaks and training dogs


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Gunz said....  

Senior ...
You and Diane are a freakin' hoot ... I too, happened to marry the best lookin' thing I ever saw fill out a pair of dungarees ... of course that was back in 77 ... and yes ... she's still a major pain in my ass. But, we're still arguing and fighting, laughin' & scratchin" to this very day. Love to watch ya'll whoop up on phony SEALs and Stolen Valor assholes. Keep up the awesome work. Also, if you ever get down here to the Jacksonville, FL area to bust any of them phony fuckin' cretins ... I would pay money to do a ride along. Two other things ... used to deliver small arms ammo in Roosy Rds, '76 timeframe, to a 1st Class Snake-eater by the name of "Stoner" ... even though at the time I was only one pay grade junior to him ... I always addressed him as "Sir" ... in spite of his demands for me to just call him Stoner. Was wondering if he was still amongst us ... Secondly ... I have a young friend down here who owns "Swine in the Pines" in Starke, FL ... caters to disabled vets ... even though it's a "gentleman's" hawg hunt ... it's still a great time. I've taken my son and my grandson out several times. Good time and good swine! Ya'll keep up the good fight. C'mon down and I'll have my friend "Pokey" put you on a hawg or two. Love to ya both!

Pat "Gunz" Walters

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tommyguns said....  

Don, stop being a puss and let that dog learn his lesson...I'm with you Diane, in the long run it's better than the little guy getting harmed or worse.

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RANNJVdude said....  

How's that Spaulding Security doing these days? Whatever became of the whole debacle?
Good morning and have a wonderful day all of you!

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Bullshitter said....  

They eventually get use to the shocker, after a while we just had to hold it and warn the dog and he would sit its ass down . Y'all are too funny remind me of my husband and I a could "you're an asshole" never hurt no one 😂😂😂

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Marsh said....  

Evening everybody

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