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A crazy lady is after Senior

December 05th, 2016 
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A woman loses it when she finds out the truth about her man


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Joe said....  

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Joe said....  

See you at the meeting Tuesday.

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Pen said....  

My Cousin Rick Snook was in the Navy. Our family doesn't really talk, so I have no idea what his rank really was, but Rick was a lot older than me. I was told he was a captain or something of a ship. he died a couple of years ago from Mesothelioma from being on a ship. Then my mom's dad was in the navy, and was on a ship during Pearl Harbor. He wasn't in Pearl Harbor but off the shores. I was told that he helped with recovery of people. His name was Carl E Radcliffe. If anybody here has heard of these guys it would be cool to hear about them. If not you all take care, and have a great Christmas.

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ROFFO said....  

I still love that phone pom..


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Mkelly13 said....  

I will have to say that the first thing I thought of when I saw this video's title was, "Oh shit, what did Don do now?" Thought he was in deep Dutch with Diane. :) (I don't believe Diane is crazy, she's as real a sweetheart as one will ever see)

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