BoyScout said....  

Thank you for sharing. My father passed away this year as well. I spent my summers bucking hay.

Gasserglass said....  

Bless your mom's heart!

I was good till the whistle blew...... RIP Mr. Shipley

Himie1 said....  

RIP. Very emotional

bridgechief said....  

28 years ago our Battalion CO pulled us into the theater and told us that we had a warning Order Be prepared to deploy the entire 650 man Battalion and Reserve augment to the Persian Gulf in support of Desert Shield. We were about a month from our Home Port FTX (Field Training Exercise) so we tried to change some of the Training to reflect. We did end up getting some more Desert survival training from some PJ's that came in to train us and some other training Tactical type stuff from some Rangers. We left after Thanks Giving, they wanted us to be home for thanks Giving and the Battalion we relived would get Christmas at Home.

Another anniversary and another warning order on this day. 20 Years ago the embassy in Africa were bomb, and our Battalion was given a Warning Order, have Dets ready to provide Recovery and Physical Security Engineering Operations. We never got the call they had the U.S. Embassy NSU (Naval Support Unit) do the mission, it is kind of their job, to protect and recover Embassies.

Steph said....  

Something more than a few here can well relate to i believe. Over 30 years as a Police Officer! Emotional sign off.

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