c130airman said....  

I spent about 4 years at Incirlik airbase, 86 to 1990 , traveled all over that country .. best Assignment I ever had!

ARMY guy said....  

Went to DC last Sunday 28th walked around the mall for about 8/9 hours on the 29th . saw a lot of things . all good. herd Mr. Ken Burns and
novick. they told some grate story from the film they made. I was so glad I went.

smitty said....  

I have a real good friend in Denver Colorado.His name is Bruce Baker.Good man and he is an old Nam.Vet.Him Bob Farris and I went down to the stand off at the Bundy Ranch.We maned a LPOP about 300 hundred meters from the drive way too Clivin Bundys house.All the news outlets told some big lies on that deal.Google Daniel P love of the BLM.Well I will get off my rant to much info to tell here, Back to Bruce he has a youtube channel.He has parody songs.I love my brother Bruce but he can't sing for crap,but he can blow a killer sax.If you could help him out and hit the subscribe button it would help him get some funding. Google BruceInDenver.I know after you hear his voice you can beat me like a pinata in the comments and dick bomb me.Look up the Pueblo VA in Colorado and tell my Doctor I love prostate examinations.SGT.Smitty out


NavySpook said....  

Albuquerque day one. Found the problem, burnt M2 mirror big time. Fortunately Southwest saw fit to deliver my toolbag last night around midnight so I had everything for this morning. Woof, how annoying. TSA, thanks a heap for delaying my bags. Last time I checked, terrorists don't go around tightening hex screws. I'd be even more impressed if I found a terrorist who could find his way into the luggage cargo compartment on the plane! Heavens to Mergatroyd.


bridgechief said....