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Warrior makes a Friend and Wave Off gets a Hummer.

January 27th, 2018 
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Warrior makes a Friend and Wave Off gets a Hummer. Don takes Warrior Hunting with the Senator and his dog. MANY thanks for the Support...



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SigDude said....  

Im glad Don and Diane can have peace now. There is no way to forgive a lunatic that has tried to ruin lives. Waveoff, you are one helluva man! Thank you for helping Don and Diane. Hopefully the other two fucktards get whats coming to them. God bless.

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Littlefoot said....  

You "ROCK" Waveoff!!!

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Waveoff said....  

No thanks necessary or wanted.  It was an honor to be of service.  Navy CPO's take care of the junior enlisted AND the Officer corps.  Don has spent a lifetime doing just that. Some small payback for those good deeds was long overdue.  If there is such a thing, the Shipleys are Navy Royalty.  'Nuff said.

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BIGDAD48 avatar 02/02/2018

BIGDAD48 replied....

Waveoff, you are a man of true character, who seeks no publicity or accolades for your endearing friendship, work and psychological support with your behind the scene presence with Don and Diane. I salute you sir!

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Marsh said....  

Massive Hornet Nest Removal
Massive Hornet Nest Removal

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BIGDAD48 avatar 02/02/2018

BIGDAD48 replied....

Marsh, thank you for this video. I watched this video, and it was so fascinating, I watched many more. The most incredible was on XIVETVDOCUMENTARIES Risk takers. What's interesting is what is used to kill the killer bees instantly; soapy water. Thanks again!

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awesome said....  

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