You are here - The boys arrive at Warriors Rest

The boys arrive at Warriors Rest

August 31st, 2017 
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Warriors Rest is buzzing today with special guest and we feel very honored

to have them here


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Ted said....  

Stripers are coming soon we've been picking up a lot of them in the Delaware River not real big the water still a little too warm they say this year should be pretty good we usually get them chunking bunker in the bay

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DanO said....  

Revenge taken a tad far, perhaps?

Radio station host accidentally serves a brutal case of revenge
Radio station host accidentally serves a brutal case of revenge

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Engineman said....  

Put a weeping willow tree

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robbie574 said....


One of my fondest memories was when I was eight years old. The U.S. Marines came to our door right after my step-father had passed away at the age of 41. He was in a tank battalion in WWII. They brought me a toy Tommy gun. (Toys for Tots) The Marines have been special to me ever since. I used to play cowboys and Indians a lot, too. Had my own Roy Rogers six-shooter cap pistols. Toy guns were great. Liberals have systematically ruined this country! (Just thought I'd share that with ya...) What a great man my stepdad was... He died of a brain tumor in 1957.

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EFD620 avatar 09/01/2017

EFD620 replied....

Lifes misshaps and accidents are what we draw on when experience is required. What in hell are the pussies in this world going to refer to when shit goes wrong. Ya gotta get a black eye once in a while,in order to know how to handle the uneven parts of the road. If you reach old age without any scars what kind of life did you have. Like the saying goes: I want to die moments after I've used up this body and it ain't worth a shit nomore. Does anyone "really" just want to fade away. Imagine your obituary saying, "Died of nothing" Keep your left up and never give in to anything.

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JimmyTwoTimes, bobbyd AMS1, DanO
bobbyd AMS1 avatar 09/01/2017

bobbyd AMS1 replied....

Nam you haven't aged much sense the picture. Look in good.

Chuck golf :2/26th mar avatar 12/18/2017

Chuck golf :2/26th mar replied....

What ever happened to cap pistols we had when we were kids ?

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