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Dons submarine his new phony and the little boy

April 22nd, 2018 
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The submarine leaves tomorrow peacocks are doing great and a New Phony Bust


Pisqualli avatar
Pisqualli said....  

Diane your a true trooper and a very cool lady i love how you take no shit from Don funny as hell the two of you.

TECHNICIAN said....  

I've had my Neato Connected robot vacuum for 2 years and now just ordered my Neato D7-$799.00 but it get's places that I can't. Love it. Yes, I have a dog too.

8s avatar
8s said....  

the thirsty camel

Mkelly13 avatar
Mkelly13 said....  

You guys are the best. Love being able to catch up on the videos every weekend.

Diane, when my family and myself first went to Cambodia, my wife went to one of our Khmer next door neighbors and got her hair done. She had shoulder length hair at the time. Without realizing until it was too late, the neighbor had cut her hair very short, probably about the same length as yours. My wife was horrified thinking I would be upset - actually crying over it. I reassured her that she would grow to appreciate that cut due to the tropical type weather we would face. Sure enough, on those hot, humid days she would always remark how nice it was to have a cooler hair cut.

Love watching the give and take between you & Senior. God bless you both,

TurdChaser avatar
TurdChaser said....  

Great lookin doo Dianne

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