Hogan said....  

I was in my late forties, had some bad falls on the job, never sick, a number of concussions, outside of that, nuthin. Then I had my first heart attack, didnt believe it was happening, waited two days went to a just sucks to get old, to feel weak. Gettin old aint for

Stan said....  

Don, as a Floridian since I was 8 years old, I sincerely hope that you do not think all Floridians are idiots like Bernath, he is a total lunatic and where his brain is as far as his intent is a mystery. I really think your thinking `outside the box` is the ideal approach in this case. I really hope that you will counter sue Bernath for everything, reimbursement for all expenses incurred as a result of this legal case as well as mental duress for the both of you as well as the stress induced on your instructors, basically all of your employees that are `worried` about losing income as well as tarnished reputations. Also this goes without saying legal fees and costs of this attorney that flew from Colorado to represent you when your original attorney stepped aside to allow this new attorney to take over the case. In my opinion you should be owning a rental house that used to be Bernath`s residence!! This bastard would not be able to afford a newspaper subscription if I were in your position, that is when you get through with this legal case. Best of luck to you and Diane!!!

EFD620 said....  

Would someone with more brain cells than me please explain how this nitwit collects disability. He seemed to walk and ride his bike ok. Even though he isn't a very good pilot he still was flying his plane for a little while. What is his disability other than being fuckin' nuts.
This is the same kind of shit like the kid that ran to mexico after killing people and getting probation. the legal system in this country gets abused by these accident chasers and it effects all of us. God I hope your lawyer gets the judge to shut this clown down forever.

CNDBEAST said....  

Don, is my information at risk? Did my CC number get exposed on those emails?

Jake the Snake said....  

This DAN guy is a FUCKING TOAD.