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Water Fun

July 09th, 2015 
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Water Fun at Extreme SEAL Experience. Get signed up soon!


Leon avatar
Leon said....  

Why everybody addresses to Mr. Shipley with "Senior"? You're all Spanish speakers? It is either "Senior Chief" all together, or find an other way to address him. Just my little observation.

gitpicker avatar
gitpicker said....  

Senior doesn`t love us anymore. Just kidding. Take your time as I`m sure whatever you are cooking up will be great. Oh if you do come to kill me in my kitchen as shpdog said please don`t let my dog out..

Wainegro avatar
Wainegro said....

CBB225 avatar
CBB225 said....  

Don must have scared off all the phonies or he has just been super busy. I like all the content yall put out but I signed up to watch you bust phonies! Im also a fan of the stories you tell, like you giving that guy a wedgie, the wedding beat down and the close call duck hunting.

SheepDG avatar
SheepDG said....  

The Shipley's do an outstanding job trying to entertain us and the 10 bucks month you spend is nothing compared to what they do. Put your big boy and girl pants on and quit complaining. Besides if you don't Senior Chief might come and kill you in you in your kitchen.

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