Hogan said....  

I dont contribute much but that will change, those young Jarheads who need a break mebbe I get a tiny feeling of participation in their happiness, love this shit.

Machinist said....  

Very glad to hear Bernath finally met up with Karma. Eventually his dumb ass will pull another stunt you just know he will. Enjoyed the hunt videos and glad everyone was having a good time.

SigDude said....  

Glad to see that Bernath got cuffed and stuffed-finally! Hopefully this will be the end of that dildo. I want to also thank everyone that helped Don and Diane with knowledge of law. It's a good day for you guys. Now the image of Bernath on the beach with wings and the cock sock, I don't think I'll ever be able to erase! Holy shit that was funny. Take care everybody.

Mungo1972 said....  

Now see when you said Dan Bernath had been arrested I burst out laughing at the exact time you did Don . Finally he gets some deserved treat his way :-)