You are here - UDT Class "ZERO." 1951, Ken Garrett OLD SCHOOL Frogman.

UDT Class "ZERO." 1951, Ken Garrett OLD SCHOOL Frogman.

May 26th, 2016 
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UDT Class 'ZERO.' 1951, Ken Garrett OLD SCHOOL Frogman. Ken survived three Combat Tours in Korea as a FROGMAN.
A GREAT bust last night. New Phony SEAL of the Week SOON... Many thanks for the support.


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Shaun said....  

There was a fallen Korean vet that was After 50 some years through DNA identified and his remains were finally sent home and I didn't know till we had landed that I was on the plane from HNL to DEN it was amazing when we were taking to the gate the announcement then to see cops military color guard and flagged casket coming off the plane when I finally walked off the plane to get a better look out side almost every person from the 777-200 so a ton of people all standing there paying their respects some even crying you could have heard a pin drop
Early morning inside DEN airport a 777 full of people all lined up across the Windows looking out at the ceremony and I mean dead client ...gave me chills and all I can say is proud to be on the plane bring this man home and proud to be a part this great country

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Shaun said....  

Now that he sadly has passed videos like this are priceless and need to do more of them not only for education but for the story and to keep them alive
For ever God bless

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mojo said....  

R.I.P Ken, one of the few.

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doesyourdogbite said....  

This most excellent video prompted me to call a Korean vet I wasn't sure was even around. Guess what, he's still around and I had a good talk with him. One leg, and still taking care of himself at 85. And the SJW Cultural Marxist vermin are continually whining about sh*t.... I guess some of us were born late, but perhaps it's good that we were born to see the past and present such as the real solution to today's stupidity/insanity. God Bless Ken and the others of the Korean era.

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turdChaser said....  

What a privilege to listen in on the insights of such a warrior. Respect is all I can say.

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