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Turkey Season Starter and a Team Tragedy.

April 19th, 2017 
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Turkey Season Starter and a Team Tragedy. MANY THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT.


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GodBlessUSA said....  

My only brother died in a similar event. He was plastered. Had been drinking all day. He had just bought a 9mm Berretta. Was obsessed with the fuckin thing. I mean I would go to his place and the guy would be playing around with it all the time. Just a recipe for disaster. Sure enough I get the call one day...idiot accidentally blew his brains out in my grandmothers kitchen while cooking dinner.....Senior Chief, I just want you to know how much these videos have helped me over the years since that occurred. Your spoof videos have me cracking up. After college I plan to join the Navy. I can't thank you enough for helping me put a smile on my face when I am feeling down. You are doing a great deal of good with Extreme SEAL Adventures. The skits and stories with your wife are hilarious. Keep up the good work. Keep busting phonies!

Bob "Doc " Dowling said....  

Now Don, you'll know why they call it Turkey hunting not Turkey killing.

Bob "Doc " Dowling said....  

Don , Your absolutely right, a dumb one taste just as good as a smart one.

Dino avatar
Dino said....  

Hands down, the most entertaining hunting video I've ever seen. Even if you didn't get any action. Great video, Don!

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Marsh avatar
Marsh said....  

For Wonder Gabby,

Jackie still has a lot of hair to come off, but she's looking a lot better.

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Jan T avatar 04/20/2017

Jan T replied....

Wonder Gabby is pleased.

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