Hogan said....  

At 65, I have learned that getting old aint for sissys, I feel your frustration. I am on the site to watch a pro bust people that enrich themselves with these claims of past glory. I have been out of the crotch some 40 plus years. So not up on much. I wish you good luck with your doctors.

Dr PennsylVapia said....  

Don I have had to deal with extreme to unbearable to "oh God just shoot me now and put me out of my misery" levels of pain. All I am saying is I am sorry and empathetic to your situation. Just go day to day or sometimes minute to minute. Hang in there sir all I can offer is that I have been there and I am there often and you are not the only one. Pain can be a very lonely type of suffering.

Snoopsister said....  

Even the worst judge in the world would throw the book at someone like Bernath - sure, he can harass anyone he wants, but he's going to pay the piper. The guy's a loose cannon and you can bet he won't present well in court.

Snoopsister said....  

Maybe I am coming late to the party, but as Oneslip mentioned the name Zigmund Kachitski, I checked it out - no doubt it's the fellow that never sleeps. It make take an act of congress to get his YT page shut down, but if enough people flag it, they may permanently ban him, particularly if his first page got shut down. What a freakshow this fellow is.

Doc said....  

Well, first off it just goes to show you, that attorneys will take your money to defend just about any crazy old thing, including this shit head. Second, Chief you look uncomfortable as hell and in a lot of pain. Get somewhere comfy and get that pressure off you leg. I love watching you and Diane and all the updates you give us, but your health is more important. When you get to feeling better, post op chief.