Busa200 said....  

Don and Diane, we know your character. We know your integrity. We know what this knucklehead is all about. One thing is certain...he will get his. Period.

MH18 said....  

I hope you are counter suing for emotional distress? Hang in there and don't bow to him.

Kary Jo said....  

If the RV wasn't at Mom's I would come get you. Don't worry about the pain meds. You'll handle it. as far as the clown is have all the evidence. The clown is going to get want he deserves. He will make a fool of himself in front of a Judge. The pain is making you worry more than normal. Love you guys!

Mungo1972 said....  

Don and Diane ,
The guy is mentally ill , don't look for logic or sense . This man will say and do anything and in his twisted mind will believe it . However trust me as scary as it may seem this nut will give himself away sooner than later . No matter how driven these mad nuts are their altered reality always fall foul of reality in the end . I bet this Bernath has a mental health history already .

As for your back Don I hope that and your right leg gets better soon mate , I do get a bad back but nothing as bad as yours I think so I wont winge . All I can say is in the morning when I get up ( the worst part of the day ) . I get in the shower and go into a fetal position and get that shower stream nice and hot on my lower back for a few minutes . Sorts me out but as I say I think im no way near as bad as your back right now , but im sure it will get better these things usually do , I hope that its sooner then you to can be happy and live life as you normally do .

5chevin5 said....  

I can't speak for everyone here, but I assume most of us feel the same way....we support you 100%. All you need to do is reach out and ask for our help, there is strength in numbers. Im sure within our ranks there are many people that have or are willing to help you with getting home to Virginia, or with legal help, or medical help or with pretty much anything. You both served (and continue to serve) us, now its our turn. Just say the word. Team Shipley