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The Bullshitter Returns.

August 06th, 2017 
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The Bullshitter Returns. Many Thanks For The Support.


Lyle N avatar
Lyle N said....  

Great video. The mother is good lookin, and daddy is a big guy!

Ted avatar
Ted said....  

I can tell that young man will go for in is Naval career I'm glad to know in a few years he'll be protecting our country

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Capgun avatar
Capgun said....  

Some good young guys there for sure. Nice to see some good parents left on the planet. Raising 21K for a great cause, especially at that age? I love that. When I was his age I was racing motocross, and BMX bikes. I didn't think about anything, or anyone else. I still turned out good, but I wish I could go back, and help like this young man did.

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Mkelly13 avatar
Mkelly13 said....  

You guys are great - so good to see young men with theirs screwed on straight. Thanks for investing in them! The future is bright

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tommyguns avatar
tommyguns said....  

What an impressive young man, looking forward to hearing his accomplishments.

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