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Tennessee Trip

November 30th, 2015 
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Don and Diane make a long trip home with two dogs and a cat.


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Jimsarge3ID said....  

One of my fav's when it comes to the late "Muj" marking his territory and roaming a intimate familiar place he knows well. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and even if it's been years, they remember and are excited because they remember the smells and they were comforting safe smells. I had a pure Beagle for 12 years from a pup [I was always a German Shepard guy, had two] and he was a "rescue" `` the original owners just abused him. When I took him, and for the first 6 months maybe every time I approached him he would cower and piss in fright. I would take him over to a State park near us and just let him run & he soon became my buddy for life. He was like Muj in a way, seldom ate canned or dried dog food. He ate what we ate and the leftovers we'd bring home from the restaurant we owned. He loved that park, once getting into a milk cow farm and stirred them up a bit where the owner threatened to sue us because he scared them as he barked & chased them around[I paid him $1,000 because he said the cows didn't milk for three days]. Whattayagoingtodo? I thought it was bullshit but later found out it was true from other farmers. But I continued to take him there because he loved it and ran the trails and I live in a area where they have laws that you have to pick-up the dogshit, which being from Philly, I wasn't about to do that anyway. So at night when I was surfing the internet he'd sleep by my side until he had to go out. I would take him out at 2am or so and just walk while he ran around sniffing, marking his area and shitting[WHhaha] no leash or fucking plastic bag. About his 11th or 12th year he developed a tumor and couldn't walk up and down the deck [we had a padded igloo for him on the deck, he shed too much for the house]. I would hear him from the bedroom in pain and took him to the animal hospital where it was confirmed. Long story shortened after another two weeks we took him back & had him put to sleep. I didn't stay with him for the procedure, but on the way home I balled like a baby. I always considered myself to be a emotional "tough guy" but I loved that ol'fella. Haven't had another dog since and that's been five years now. Thought of getting another Shepherd pup {tan & black} but sheps shed a lot also and the Bride isn't having any of that and cat's are not my forte'. And Don, you can't tell me you didn't ball like a baby when Muj passed, I know better :)

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Hillbilly said....  

I have never laughed so hard family road trips gotta love em

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DanoPCola said....  

LOL yep, Road trip.

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William Haase said....  

LMMFAO, Sorry Diane but you had me in stitches with your gagging. I'm the same way, I can slaughter an animal no problem but let a baby shit near me, and a diaper change makes me Yak just like that LOL !!!

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Littlefoot said....  

oh man can't stop laughing. Diane gets Muj's attention at 1:43.

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