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Take a ride with Brandi and Diane

August 06th, 2015 
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Take a ride with Brandi and Diane as they discuss the week and future plans


harborseal avatar
harborseal said....  

@Cali, your a rude witch! You sure do not have the manners of a Southern Belle, a little green monster coming out of your ugly mouth. Diane Shipley is a beautiful gal, always dressed classy, beautiful jewelry, not a hair out of place. Her skin is beautiful, your comments regarding Brandi were down right cruel you old southern imposter and by the way Diane is from Tennessee.

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harborseal said....  

Wow, it was beautiful down there, during the ride, I enjoyed those houses with the trees all so pretty. God Bless the men of Extortion 17, I am sure it hit the Shipley family very hard. Prayers for the families and all those children left fatherless. Bonus plus of video, the pups swimming * Diane got her groove on to the best hits of all time *

butkus avatar
butkus said....  

Parrott is pretty of the mark as a southern belle..probably from the Bronx.

Carmine avatar
Carmine said....  

Nice, Clean Adult Fun.....You guys make me Smile! :)

Parrott avatar
Parrott said....  

@cali - well bless ur lil heart cali - ain't you bout as sweet as a raw lemon I do declare! Gotta love that sweet southern passive aggressiveness that just rolls outta you like eggs outta of hen ya'll. Diane & Brandi are sweet gals, now don't you go feelin' all threatened by their womanliness and whatnot, if I didn't know better I'd think you lost out the homecoming queen to one of them in school. Ya'll take care now, hear.

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