You are here - Stuck in Miami but plenty of time to debrief.

Stuck in Miami but plenty of time to debrief.

January 22nd, 2016 
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Stuck in Miami but plenty of time to debrief.
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MichWolverine-OakRaider avatar
MichWolverine-OakRaider said....  

the fact this shit made it to an actual trial is a joke

Jake the Snake avatar
Jake the Snake said....  

Damn Shame

Snoopsister avatar
Snoopsister said....  

Remember the creepy, smelly, booger-eating kid that each of us recalls from our childhood - the kid that no matter how gross and obnoxious he was, and the more all the kids tried to tolerate or ignore him, the worse he acted? The kid that was too weird to even be picked on or teased by the other kids? Well, Bernath is what that kid grew up to be. He's just an abhorrent, defective human being, who, no matter how much we try to avoid him, will force us to look at him and literally MAKE us have to interact with him. Most of us would be mortified at getting such negative attention, but guys like Bernath? That's all they've ever known and they will take all of it that they can drag out of people. It's the only way they can affiliate themselves with the "normal" world. He's a human tragedy - just so sorry he's drug two of our finest Veterans into his craziness. (And now he's picked on our BRANDY!? Oooh! That Booger-eating JERKFACE!)

Snoopsister avatar
Snoopsister said....  

Judges tend to let the crazies get away with that stuff so that there's no way for them to come back with a leg to stand on and appeal the decision once the judge finds against them. I'd bet the judge is well aware of Bernath's past behavior, even if it wasn't directly presented in court. (I do know judges and have plenty of experience in the legal field - Diane, your assessment is right on the money!) I know you guys are physically and emotionally exhausted, but Diane, I'll swear, I don't know how you still manage to look so pretty and put together after all of the shit you guys have endured! Hang tight, you guys - you've got this - an end is in sight.

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Beach Brutus avatar 01/29/2016

Beach Brutus replied....

Snoopsiter -- It's called "creating an error free record". Clients sometimes do not understand why their attorney so calmly accepts an adverse ruling on an objection or pretrial motion when they believe they are clearly correct. It's because the attorney knows what the judge is doing.

Javaspice avatar
Javaspice said....  

Bernath is so unstable, I'm worried what crazy shit he might do when the court rules against him. He won't be able to let it go. Please be on guard.

Waveoff avatar 01/27/2016

Waveoff replied....

He doesn't have the ability to do anything but sit behind a keyboard and take cheap shots. If anything, he should be worried about his past actions. Retribution would NEVER be from the Shipleys. For the Bernathamus to make a total fool of himself is his choice... but he crossed the line sometime back and I'm worried about what crazy shit some warrior who has nothing to lose might do.

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