Stolen Valor for Dummies...

Stolen Valor for Dummies... Many Thanks For The Support...




I am patiently waiting to see what the Fallout of the Nathan Phillips shit is going to be like. Did he actually serve? Is he a Marine combat vet?



I wear USMC camouflage when Deer Hunting. If they are good enough to hide a grunt and made 3x better than Real Tree thats good enough for me. Im 64 and still shop the Uniform store on Base. Liquor store too.




Did you say KERR?!



Chief, I just watched this video, funny shit. I never served in the military but my brother and my father were Marines. My father passed in 2014 he was my hero and mentor. Before he passed he gave me is 2009 Honda Accord, with 33K miles. He had a license plate bracket that reads Marine Corps Semper Fi. I left that on the car and kept his license plate number in his honor. No biggie but it means something to me. I am a retired Deputy Chief of Police in CT. I work security at a major teaching hospital in New Haven. Not long ago I was in a shop getting some keys cut, when another customer asks me if that was my Honda in the parking lot. I said yes it is. He replies Semper Fi at which point I say Semper Fi. I then tell him I wasnt a Marine, my father was. Ill bet you can guess where this is going.
He proceeds to tell me I shouldnt have that on my car if I didnt serve because its disrespectful to Marines who did serve. I explain to him why I kept it. Then he starts to go address my over all appearance, starting with my Military Style haircut and so on. Finally he hits me with the Stolen Valor accusation. At this point I politely tell him that I have the bracket in honor of my father, I keep my hair high and tight because thats the way I like it and if he has a problem with anything he can Go Fuck Himself. I also told him if he had such a problem with a license plate bracket he was welcome to try and take it off. By this time my keys were ready and I left the shop without any further confrontation but with slightly elevated blood pressure. Your video hit home and reminded of that day. Love what you do, kep up the good work.




As long as you wear it for the right reasons and don't look like a $hit sandwich, it should be alright. I don't think the deer will mind if you wear it to go hunting. She does NOT look like a $hit sandwich, but those sure are some nice buns.


Just An Old Dog


There is a distinct line between "Stolen Valor" that is simply am asshole embellishing or fabricating military service to impress people and "Stolen Valor" that is prosecutable by law.
Even then the vast Majority of people who are arrested end up being charged with simple fraud. In most instances the penalty for fraud is much steeper, DA's don't feel the need to pile on more charges.
If I'm not mistaken unless a state has a SV act, it takes a federal prosecutor and Court to process it.

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preschool teacher


As if the shooting last night wasn't enough...I'm being sent to the apt to pack up our shit from the Hill Fire. I give up.




Times are always changing.
There was a time when Army/Navy Surplus stores were really surplus and you could get a pair of durable pants for lots of rough outdoor or construction activity at about 1/3 the price of durable workpants at SEARS.
Lots of guys picked up stuff like this and nobody was accusing anybody of "Stolen Valor"

This doesn't seem to be the case anymore and people who go out of their way to buy stuff like in this picture might be a little out of balance.
But ... Making a weird fashion statement still isn't "Stolen Valor"




Our little Veterans Memorial.....Hope the color lasts till Monday




Ok Chuck


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