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Stolen Valor Dude of the Week? Sasha Cohen AKA Borat.

July 14th, 2018 
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Stolen Valor Dude of the Week? Sasha Cohen AKA Borat. Many Thanks for the SUPPORT.


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Okie said....  

Comedy just doesn't have a place at the time of our National Anthem, it tugs at to many heartstrings. The eight years of our previous President crotch saluting our flag didn't help.

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11c40m60 said....  

so quit giving this guy any attention

Biggus Dickus avatar
Biggus Dickus said....  

Sorry Don,but Sasha Baron Cohen is not American,he is British.

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ZUC said....  

No One should be Going after Fakes unless they are approached or at risk of theft or illegal activities. Report them by all means but unless you have the full history of info in your armoury your liable to either be wrong or bamboozled by well versed BS.
As for your Take on Borat Don, Your spot on!! These comedians in an increasingly Political correct world are finding it harder and harder to make a living, haha. If Sarah Palin cant do her homework ,well more fool on her.
All you said was perfect in my way of thinking and as You said. Its time people put things in perspective.
Well known comedian does tasteless piece?
Really? Is it any surprise to ANYONE who has watched him?????

Joe45014 avatar
Joe45014 said....  

First of all, are you JOKING? NON-VETERANS are investigating and pursuing STOLEN VALOR? THAT is STUPID!! If you ask me a NON-VET that goes after FAKES is a FAKE in training or an "otherwise would be a fake." Diane was not a SEAL, but she IS a VETERAN, and WHO would know MORE about SEALS than the wife of one and mother of another; so I can see her outing fake SEALS; but without being a SEAL, or being someone like Diane who is a NAVY VET and has lived totally immersed in the SEAL Community, you have no business nor will you have the right past or experience. You CANNOT READ ENOUGH shit to make up for not living it, and if you didn't LIVE IT, you should NOT be calling people out personally. You can call it "giving something back," just like the fakes wear tridents and say: "Oh, I am wearing it to pay tribute." Stolen Valor is NOT only a VETERAN problem, but IS an area that only Veterans should lead. Absolutely non-vets can SUPPORT, help, research, but a VETERAN should be the one deciding whether to "OUT" an alleged phony. Make no mistake, attacking a LEGIT person is a MILLION times worse than letting a fake go.

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