You are here - Stealing Valor. A documentary about stolen valor and the veterans who fight to stop it.

Stealing Valor. A documentary about stolen valor and the veterans who fight to stop it.

July 12th, 2018 
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Stealing Valor - A documentary about stolen valor and the veterans who fight to stop it.  Many Thanks For The Support.


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AverageNCO said....  

Thanks for Re-Posting Senior!!

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Capgun said....  

I know that first guy! He makes some of the best, home made biscuits and pastries! He's the Pillsbury Doughboy! I wish I could've been there to poke my index finger into his tummy, and hear that giddy little laugh...

ColbyInCalifornia avatar
ColbyInCalifornia said....  

This is outstanding.

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EFD620 said....  

I may have stuck my neck way out today. My best friends granddaughter asked me to take her senior pictures for her. After some thought I said, I'd be honored. I've been taking pics of her since she was a baby,but senior pics is a whole 'nother bowl of fish. The only thing I told her, this could take some time to get right so you have to be willing to bear with me to get what you want. I ordered some gear and we'll give it a shot. It just doesn't seem possible that she is graduating high school this year. I hope I don't screw this up. She's SPECIAL in so many ways. Smart as a whip and she's got the looks dept. covered. Fingers Crossed

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Rick  avatar 07/13/2018

Rick replied....

Oh I have complete confidence in you to do an outstanding job young man!!

And by the way, that is one beautiful little girl. My son is red and I just love gingers!! Look at her complexion and that beautiful hair!!!

EFD620 avatar 07/13/2018

EFD620 replied....

Rick, Thats where the fear comes in. She's stunningly beautiful and I fear I won't be able to capture that. We'll give it a good try though. I've ordered some remote flash triggers to help speed things up, I know how fast kids get bored.

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Rick  avatar 07/13/2018

Rick replied....

Oh I can tell by the way you are approaching this that you will be a winner!!! Look how committed you are to detail and passionate about getting it right! Those are qualities of a winner. You are a winner. Dont doubt yourself!!!

Chuck golf :2/26th mar avatar
Chuck golf :2/26th mar said....  

Is There A Doctor InThe House ?!

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Rick  avatar 07/13/2018

Rick replied....

Im a gynacolgist , can I help?

Chuck golf :2/26th mar avatar 07/13/2018

Chuck golf :2/26th mar replied....

Won 2 Hands In 3hrs. Fri 13th. Lol

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Rick , robbie574

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