Seniors pissed

Seniors pissed after fighting a Phony for years.




It's a double edged sword, Senior, absolute trust in the US government is ill advice.



Just subbed. keep up the videos



those fakes have a mental problem for sure! Kind of sad, but sad or not, those guys need to be taken down!



Go get em Don and Diane.




Enjoyed listening to this video. My favorite phony confrontation of all is James Albert Hicks.


Thigh Hair


You are highly appreciated Don. Thanks for sharing this stuff. These guys are pathetic beyond words. What you are doing here just wouldn't get done if it weren't for you and Diane. You don't owe us or anyone anything, what you have here is good stuff. I found your explanation on how the teams evolved (odd numbers on west coast, etc) very interesting. And your dog all decked out and ready for battle is absolutely hilarious.. Tnx for Everything...




Sorry about those /// in my post, every word I pluralized with 's I got those ///? There is no edit for me to fix it, sorry.



When ever I talk to these "Alex Jones" types I just say "Occam's Razor"!!! Occam's Razor "All things being equal, the simplest answer is usually correct". So we all know you can't prove a neagative "Mr, Smith when did you stop beating your wife" so when these Alex Jones conspiracy guys say that our government was behind 9-11, there's no real way to convince them with evidence but you know how I know for a fact that it's Bullshit? Because no one has talked? Its been over 14 years since those Towers came down and not one person, and there would have had to of been hundreds if not thousands, not one has come forward, now does that make any sense? The Bin Laden Raid proves my point, how? SEAL Team 6 or Dev Group 1, the Navy's most elite Special Warfare unit takes out OBL and did they keep the secret, fuck no. 2 SEALS both were in that unit came forward, one went on a tv tour and said they took the shot that took out Bin Ladden.

Are you telling me that military personnel and government personnel who supposedly pulled off the biggest malfeasence and deception that resulted in the deaths of over 3000 Americans on 9-11 and ultimately a Global war on terror that's still going on, that someone maybe out of guilt or just to brag, didn't tell someone, who then would of had told someone else? Some guy who planted a C-4 charge in Tower 7, maybe ignorant of the reason didn't feel guilty and didn't confess out of remorse? That makes sense to you, that someone didn't tell a girlfriend or buddy, someone's sister, they kept their mouths shut for 14 years? Are you fucking kidding me? This is America and the media pays for stories someone would have opened their suck to someone it's human nature. The Govenrment can't even deliver the mail or keep the Bin Laden Raid a secret but the most covered event on Tv in human history that's cost this country trillions of dollars and thousands of U.S lives lost and over 40,000 wounded troops and they keep the secret?

Again I come back to Occam's Razor, all things being equal what's the simplest answer? That we kept the biggest secret in the republics history, or that 19 fucking religious fenatics hijacked 4 airplanes on a sunny Tuesday morning in early September and rocked out world or that our government did it, (for a reason still unknown) and not one person has opened their mouths or come forward, after a decade and a half? Hmmm, this one ain't a quadratic equation here, it's as obvious and can be seen from fucking space like the Great Wall in China and Dons hair, you tell me?




thank you for explaining that to the masses Senior. I am so happy everyone finally knows this I knew about 16 and 18 but there was never a 9 lol I am sharing this with everyone who tries to tell me they're like the SECRET seal team.... its so sad what people will believe... Thank you for breaking it down to where i can share this.



Don, I am a huge supporter of you and everything that you believe in. I am going to try and make it to your course before I enlist and hopefully make it to BUDS. I have watched every single one of your videos and some, multiple times. Hopefully I will have the honor to meet you and talk with you one day.

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