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December 10th, 2015 
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Many thanks for all the help.


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Buz said....  

Don is this offer of help send us your symtoms still valid? Cause man if so i could use some help. I am pretty much stuck in my chair with horrible pain all day everyday. Can you advise.ihad mentioned 24/7 pain to Diane around her bithday and nothing has changed. Thanks .3/18/18. Buz

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Hello Don: I hope that you get healed up asap. I really appreciate what you do, it takes a lot of commitment and determination to go after these dick wads. I especially can not stand that fuck nut dick wad old fucking codger asslick fucking liberal from Florida. (sorry) for the language. My dad was a WW2 Navy Vet and was in for 30 years, 20 active and 10 reserve, He retired as a Chief Petty Officer.
You might want to try a prescription drug called tramodol it is very inexpensive and it works great with hardly any side effects. I had a neck fusion surgery 10 years ago and this is the only drug that helps me out with minimal side effects. I pay only 1 dollar for 30 pills so is very affordable. Just do not take for a long period of time. Also Acupressure or Active Release Therapy is very helpful. I go to this sports doc named Nino Pribic, he is one of the Seattle Seahawks sport docs and is very good. Anyway I hope You and your wonderful family have a Merry Christmas!

Kind Regards,
Dan Lile

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Flowermonkey, I was a PA for many years before I was injured in a auto accident. I was broadsided by a dump truck going 50 mph and failed to stop a a stop sign. I came out an the losing end of that deal, but lived to tell about it. Is your CRPS due to trauma? I had only dealt with one patient who was afflicted and by the time I saw him, he was on such high doses of opiates which that alone was inferring with his health.

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Flowermonkey said....  

I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. Are there any others in Team Shipley who have this condition?

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