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March 18th, 2015 
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SEAL Verification


BUDsClass2016 avatar
BUDsClass2016 said....  

I was also interested in that too Don, we see you bust phonies and I guess it would be a change of pace for you to call someone up and go through the process only to check the database and verify a legit SEAL. That kind of defeats the purpose of "Phony Navy SEALS" but its understandable.

CVN65 FC Vet avatar
CVN65 FC Vet said....  

The moment you get that look on your face, as if to say, "Get the popcorn. The show's starting.".... And then the look that says, "You are such a douche bag.... but keep talkin."

Don & Di... Thanks again for doing what you do.

C.Lou22 avatar
C.Lou22 said....  

And of course I love y'all's extreme seal team vids too! (My hubby got me hooked a long while back)! Keep em commin' Yall!

C.Lou22 avatar
C.Lou22 said....  

Who wouldn't know that if they've whatched ur vids on YOUTUBE?!?!?!?
By the way.......I WILL GLADLY PAY $10 a MONTH 2continue watching U&Diane chase PHONIES! I love u guys!😊
Yall stinkin' ROCK!😉

Bill avatar
Bill said....  

Don & Diana, This was very good idea. I just signed up and looking forward to moving around the site. Don't know if you remember but when you first started I'm the guy who wanted you to start a TV show, but this may work out just as well... ~Sending you my Best~
Bill : Navy Seawolves

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