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Thai SEALs, Racoons, Ducks and Bosun Pipes.

July 11th, 2018 
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Thai SEALs, Racoons, Ducks and Bosun Pipes... Many Thanks For The SUPPORT...


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Jon said....  

All that comes to mind is "Its an Honor Doug" I am SURE the guys loved it! Thank you!

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FC2(ESWS) said....  

It's hot here in NorCal as well Senior. Fire burning right down the road from us in County park. Hopefully CalFire will get control of it soon. No rain in the forecast.

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FD39PU said....  

When i still was volentering with my local f.d. we had a call for unconcious new born . the 4yr old was gelous of the new born . slamed his head between to door and the door jam , now im so fucked over a child being hurt . my big release to make a difference i now volenterr for vic ser . i am hving empatetic exhahtion today . going to have a pop and listen to the real old rock and roll. best wishes to you and all your loved ones

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Gasserglass said....  

................................ Thank You, Doug!

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Bullshitter said....  

Amazing story thanks for sharing

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