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PT in the Pool

December 22nd, 2015 
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PT in the pool before another Dr Appt


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Hogan said....  

Thats good advice, I have done that simply stretch slowly, do some easy laps.

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Devul Dawg 84 said....  

OOOOHHHHHRRRRAAAAHHHHH Merry christmas and happy new year.......................Keep on keepin on.....................Thanks again for all that you guys do.............proud to be a member of the team..........

Semper fi

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Dave said....  

Deal with this VERY soon SC.

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Gasserglass said....  

Offer Stands

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Jimsarge3ID said....  

In a prior post I recommended that Don needs to remove himself from those small community hospitals,[ most physicians there are not qualified for his condition], Have his attending doc there consult WRAMC, , get a receiving physician @ Medcen like Walter Reed [ ] {which I recommend}. WRAMC will coordinate with the USAF Aeromedical Evacuation via your [SSN/DEERS] and schedule a mission. Most likely the 43rd AES outta Pope AFB [or Scott AFB] will get the mission and receice you [or any C-17 in the area]. If there is no NG Airfield near you, they can and do land at airports, ideally international with longer runways. Diane can go with as a attendant. The best news it's a free ride, two functional OR's & a crew of 17. By the looks of your leg, foot & blue toes your precedence could be urgent - Immediate: To save life, LIMB or eyesight. I wouldn't fuck with this, Don.

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