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Phonies... Ready to Hit the Road...

September 09th, 2015 
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Phonies... Ready to Hit the Road...


Johnny Neutrino  avatar
Johnny Neutrino said....  

Three dogs are at the vets office. The 1st dog says to the 2nd, "What are you in for?" 2nd dog says, "I'm a marker. I piss on everything. My boss is going to have my balls removed, hoping that I'll stop pissing on the furniture. How about you?" "I'm a chewer, I eat furniture. My boss is having my balls removed, hoping I'll stop eating things." The first 2 dogs look at the 3rd dog and one asks him, How about you?" The last dog says, "I'm a humper. I got her good yesterday when she was bent over after taking a shower." "So you here to have your balls removed?"
"No, I'm here to get my nails trimmed."

DanoPCola avatar
DanoPCola said....  

Always OPSEC, but you will always have the non Military Jugheads.

Navythomas8 avatar
Navythomas8 said....  

I posted a shout out video to you on YT, Trying to introduce my motovlogging community to you. Hope you pick up some more subs. Swiped your trailer video and included in my video. Hope you don't mind. Didn't want to bother you with a request for permission to use it.

Just trying to do whatever I can to help in the support of your latest mission!

Steve avatar
Steve said....  

Wish I could go all day like that puppy...

Graeme avatar
Graeme said....  

an ex seal book. maybe you could try this Don.

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