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Pakistani Goat Supper

April 18th, 2015 
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Pakistani Goat Supper


Hillbilly avatar
Hillbilly said....  

He was probably romantically involved with that goat and didn't like you touching her.

FrogFan1 avatar
FrogFan1 said....  

Repressed religious nuts. You can't touch their goats but they can have sex with them. Google did a survey not so long ago about the top porn search terms by country. Although most were quite funny, you won't be surprised where the most sick and perverted ones came from. I am happy to respect everyone's differing religious views as long as they don't come after me - or my goats!

ColbyInCalifornia avatar
ColbyInCalifornia said....  

This and the camel spider story was great, Don :) The way you tell it and with your expressions and mannerisms you really make stories of your experiences so interesting. You talk with your hands like an Italian, anyone ever tell you that?!

Lazarus avatar
Lazarus said....  

And that's just in Pakistan??? Holy moly! That's just a cook, not even an armed Taliban or Al Queda member in Afghanistan or Iraq? Scumbags.

Silwer avatar
Silwer said....  

I dont think starting a fight with the guy would have been wise, i mean SEAL or not he was in Pakistan not home.

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