05E said....  

How fortunate you had each other for all the times together. Good lookin animal, Great Pics, My Dad's Favorite Dogs (3) Thnx.

Lance Wessling said....  

Diane...I can only stand in awe and be humbled by the strength you possess and the courage you exhibit ma'am. There is no way I would have been able to keep my shit together AND talk about those wonderful memories of Muj. His tribute is beautiful and perfect ma'am.

Lance Wessling said....  

Give em hell Muj...RIP boss

Roseylee said....  

So sorry for your sad loss , I no its no comfort but I have seen the videos of your star causing mayhem during filming and when outside sadley missed but lots of fond memory 's , thinking of you all , what a brilliant life he had could not of gone to a better home when you choose you your best friend muj

Dr PennsylVapia said....  

sorry I hit submit by accident but I was probably boring anyone who read it so I will just say that I know that pain of loss and how it lingers. I know that bond. I know that joy. I know that laughter. I know that warmness we feel in our hearts when we look at them sleeping, playing, swimming and walks. I miss her on the car when I am driving with her head out the window and paws on the window sill where she looked like the captain of a ship at sea. I know that loss. God Bless My little girl made me care about relationships again. I just know what you feel now and what you are going to feel to the end of your days. Just thought I would say I know and understand and I am sorry.