Hogan said....  

Comin close to the end of the game, never turned down a fight. Apparently, I should have, it was a different time in our history. Dont get me wrong I lost a bunch, I won em all, I was a pile of shit that didnt stink if you didnt stir me up. LOL had a ...special treatment... for loudmouth football heeeros. Now, my brain pan is ...lacking...hope I can have half the class that Mac had, I never hurt nobody that want a bully. Never wanted to be a Seal, didnt know jack shit about them. I was, mebbee , still am a proud shitbird U.S.Marine, that is enough for me. Hope I can be as classy as Mac.

Lyle N said....  

You CRACK me up!


Jimdangello said....  

You're the real deal, Don. Love that you share everything with us. I was late coming to the website, but promise, you have a subscriber for life in me.

ICE MAN said....  

U three make a hella of a team God I wish Mack was free of aii his cancer to help out it would like. JIMMY CRACK CORN AND KICK IN THE NUTS!!😎😎😎

Dr PennsylVapia said....  

This is one of this IS my favorite de-brief video of all time. This was a very cool bust and I am privileged to have seen Mack in such a personal way. I was also moved with this trip and how jam packed with emotion it was. I have never and I WILL NEVER ask for more videos from the point of view that I in any way think I have a right to demand anything of your time because I pay 10 measly bucks for membership fees. I love the entire site. I have chronic pain and have to stay home almost every minute of every day and these videos are one of the ways I stay connected to the world out there. The site has every thing. It has drama, suspense, sorrow, empathy, sympathy, raw emotion, sadness and a fuck ton of comedy!!! I love Master Chief's videos as well as Warrant's videos. This site is a bargain at $10/month. It is part of my life line so I do not go anymore batty than I already am!!