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I love Old People and their humor....




I do that to my wife all the time. She usualy threatens me with with bodily harm. LOL



Kewl ;-)



After reading this mornings comments I know it isn't a good morning for one of us. I am the last person to give advice about marriage. Three timer here. I too have had my heart ripped out of my chest and destroyed. I found the hardest thing to try and accept is "Why did she fall out of love with me?", What did I do or didn't do?" Those are questions that will never have a good answer. I am going to make one suggestion and only one. Jesus Christ will never turn away from you. Open your heart and feelings to him. Footprints in the Sand. It's true. And, screw the buck-up-buckaroo crap. I shed gallons of tears. BTW I filed both times. It sometimes is just as hard to admit it isn't going to work. True story: I separated from my second wife for about a year and a half before I divorced her. On Valentines Day, all the ladies in her office were getting candy and flowers delivered to their desk. My ex-called and was so pissed off because she was just served with divorce paperwork on Valentines day at work, in front of all her co-workers. She was so embarrassed. I responded "Do you have any idea of how much it would of cost me to have it done specifically on Valentines Day?" It was just dumb luck. I loved it!



Morning all.



My mother did the same to my dad in a Pizza Hut in the 1970's. She hit my dad in the eye. It was not a good place to be with my dad stuck in the eye and I was in the "booth" . Have you ever been stuck in the eye with a straw? It hurts!



Yea wainegro..don't listen to that there is a bunch of woman out there crap..feel the pain and let people know you love her. That's honest healing. You are only giving in life what you can handle and a window will open as the door was shut. You heal and it doesn't happen until you really see the ink on the paper that it's done. Then you will really feel low, but you start the road back. Know it's just shock. Trust me, made me such a better man and father, but the bad part is people after awhile don't want to hear about it anymore as they tire. That was hard but I got it. Put those boots on everyday and grit it out. You sound like a construction guy, so its no different than a 8 hr. Shift in the cold wind. Just sucks but you know a better place awaits you soon to warm up. Be good and it's cool to feel the sadness. It's the way we heal. See ya man.



This is so sweet, it brought tears on. It must be nice to have someone to grow old with. I raised 3 girls on my own, don't regret it for a moment. That is what a parent does. At my age you get accustomed to being alone, but seeing this is a reminder that not everyone gets the Love Boat in life, that is why God created dogs!! LOL!



@STEVE @BRAT That means a lot , seriously. I'll tell ya, right this second things feel absolutely bleak. Some of the people I know say things like "plenty of women out there" and "F her" and just go do this-n-that. it all looks good on paper, but I love her very much and my hearts been jerked right out my chest, squeezed, spiked off of the asphalt and stomped on, it's tough because I also have to tow the fine line talking to much about it before I'm accused of being a whiner-ya know? it's just so fresh, thinking of her even holding hands with another man kills me, let alone worse...I just don't know at this point. One second I'm fine, next second-not so much. I shouldn't be so upset, she is certainly not, she is very cold and callous about this, heartless. I'm gonna close my shop and probably head up to the pu, talk to you all later. Thanks.



Hey Wainegro, I'm with butkus - it's tough to do, but you gotta move on. Easier said than done, especially after 24 years. To be sure, it would've been better if you knew her plans from the start.. All I can say is it will get better over time, but right now it's a real bitch. Hang in there & check in with your friends. Trying to deal with this on your own isn't healthy. We're still here too.



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