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Not North. We went South to meet Dan Bernath.

October 30th, 2015 
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Not North. We went South to meet Dan Bernath.


The reaction from Dan was typical of how phonies react when confronted. Not so tough now...


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Shark-Finn said....  

Military Vigilantism?? Bernath versus?? I am going to ask my pet Eagle about this joker! Holy Sheep shit! Pass me the vape penn. Valor Terrorists? This is the strangest man who is the finest example of Legal Bully, I hope Don causes suicide to all of these quackers!

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Mitz79 said....  

Where's the Bernath confrontation video?

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Preschoolteacher said....  

This guy is such a tool. I've been verbally sparring with him on his youtube channel...but, it's like fighting with an eleven year old child. Ok. I'm insulting eleven year old children with that statement. The guy is an imbecile and about strange as all hell.

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Steve said....  

BTW MikeD, County stadium in Milwaukee had a holding pen in it too before the stadium was torn down. My brother in-law spent some time in it. Some drunk White Sox asshole was hassling his wife at a game and he (6'4" & about 240) cold cocked him. Said it was the best $200 disorderly fine he ever paid, but he was pissed off that they wouldn't serve him beer in the pen.

I know he'd love to "swing away" at Danny Boy. And you're right that you don't have to be a monster to knock someone to the canvas. I've seen guys knock the fuck out of other guys almost twice their size.

Steve avatar
Steve said....  

Danny Boy must've gotten beat up a lot as a kid.

Did the same here Laz. Missed a lot of our kids' growing up years with my biz traveling, but they had a home to live in and food on the table every day. Ya do the best ya can.

Hey FrogFan1, google "Barry Silverman phony SEAL" I think you'll see that the Shipleys are very well set as far as attorneys are concerned, but nice of you to be concerned for them tho.

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