cm56giants said....  

what a great video.

Primo said....  

My condolences on your loss Don. I lost my best friend of over 55 years a while back, so I feel your pain. RIP Mack!!

Rich said....  

Don, when we watch a badass mofo like you so choked up like that I can only imagine how tremendously close you and Mack must have been. Watching him with you in the Dallas phone vid only helped to illustrate that deep deep bond. I'm so sorry for the loss of the great man and hope you are able to treasure the many memories you SEALs must have had. So sorry brother 😪

CNC pro said....  

My father died from brain cancer, I watched this strong man become distant and confused, his hands would shake uncontrollably. He fought unlike anything I've ever seen, refused to give it an inch. It took his life but couldn't take his spirit. I'm very sorry about your brother Mr. Shipley.

Dr PennsylVapia said....  

If anybody can't SEE the videos on internet explorer you have to hit play and at the bottom right corner of the video that shows 2 arrows (the full screen option button) hit that button (it will not be there until you hit the play button) and watch it in full screen. The expand button will be in the right hand bottom corner a few seconds into the video. when you first hit play you do not really see the actual picture. You can hear the sound but not the video that is what I am addressing here in this comment. I hope it helps those of you who are having the problem so that you do not have to contact Sr's web guy and drive yourself crazy trying to figure out what the problem is.

Sr I did not think it was possible to respect and like you anymore than I already do. Well surprise to me you go and share some personal pain and are man enough to be yourself and not play tough guy. I am touched at how you continue to share your world with us unfiltered. I am inspired to concentrate on honesty and to be real and unfiltered with the people I care about. The fact that you were a SEAL may have been why I started watching your videos way beck in the early You Tube years but your personality, sense of humor, honesty, confidence, compassion and your best trait Dianne is why I joined the website the day it went up and why I stay a member. It is amazing what you can teach people just by being your self!