You are here - New Navy SEAL graduates BUD/S today.

New Navy SEAL graduates BUD/S today.

June 22nd, 2016 
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New Navy SEAL graduates BUD/S TODAY and speaks to Don Shipley owner of Extreme SEAL Experience. Mr. Green was a former trainee at Extreme SEAL Experience.
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To anyone who is still having issues with the videos.
You just need to either hold SHIFT down and refresh the page, or
clear the browser cache - on Chrome, you need to clear 'to the beginning of time'. Else it only does 1 day, which isn't enough.

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Thanks for the hard work Terry. With so many platforms and operating systems to configure the system for, I can imagine this has been a real nightmare. The site has improved 1000% since it started.

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Being the ESE IT Platoon Leader do you get to go to all the courses to stay sharp?

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B.B. Wiggs said....  

Fantastic interview. I envy him--I had a great career in the military, and actually flew some SEALs around once or twice, even carried the little sub around. :) Great bunch of guys, down to earth, but all business. Real professionals. I'm glad you're on OUR side. LOL Thanks Senior! RW (SMSgt, Ret.)

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You can hear his sense of accomplishment in his voice. Thats high speed! Hell of a job Mr Green.

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I thought he was about to say his buddy wiped his ass for him in hell week when he cramped up in the outhouse! Lmao

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Joe said....  

I just joined this website and have watched a few videos. After listening to Mr. Green, the amount of pride I feel as an American is off the charts. So happy I joined. I'm almost 60 years old, and this is the closest I can ever get to imagining what it must be like to be one of these guys. So happy and proud for Mr. Green and his family. Thank you Don and Diane for having this website. I've only been a member one day, and it's already the best money I've ever spent.

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